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Maine Car Repair Service

Looking for fast, cheap car repair in the Greater Portland area? Look no further! Broadray Battery on Broadway in South Portland offers a wide range of auto mechanic services including brake service, light body work, engine work, and basic car maintenance services like changing fluids and air filters. We work on most foreign and domestic automobiles. Of course we also sell and replace car batteries. Don't forget, if you purchase a battery, we'll replace it for free! Not sure if BroadRay Battery can help with your car problem. Stop by the shop or contact us during our regular business hours and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

Here is a quick summary of our most common car repair services:

Brake Service

When it comes to your car brakes, check them often and don't hesitate to call or stop by with you questions. We offer complete brake services to keep your brakes running smoothly. We replace brake pads, rotors, brake lines, as well as brake fluid. We recommend that you check the condition of your brakes at least once a year, and your brake fluid level every three months.

Car Maintenance Service

Maintenance schedules vary between car vehicles, but essentially you should give your car or truck some loving attention at least every three months. Broadray Battery will carefully check your car and provide maintenance as needed. We recommend that, every three months, you check your oil, check the coolant levels, check your lug bolts and tire pressure, check brake / transmission fluid, and check windshield washer fluid. Every six months, check the condition of your tires, the condition of your bakes, clean your battery terminals, and check the condition of your windshield wipers. Every year, you should check / replace spark plugs, replace the fuel filter, replace brake pads, and clean the radiator.

And of course we replace batteries and alternators. Contact Broadway for all of the above and more.

Car Body Repair

Broadray Battery can fix dents and patch holes caused by rust and corrosion. For more severe damage, our mechanics can replace sections of your car's body as needed. Contact BroadRay to asses any body damage and to get fast body repair.

Automotive Engine Work

Broadray can handle most engine work for your car, truck, or recreational vehicle. We can diagnose most engine problems, and quickly fix them for you. For complex work please contact us with questions.

Motorcycles and Small Engine Repair

Broadray Battery specializes in small engine repair for pretty much any vehicle you can think of: motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmowers, snowblowers, electric wheelchairs, and golf carts. You name it, we can service it. Please contact us with questions, or stop by our shop. Don't forget, you get free battery replacement on your vehicle when you purchase a battery.

Boat Repair and Maintenance

There's no better place to own a boat than coastal Maine. BroadRay Battery can help with most boat repairs and maintenance services for commercial and recreational boats. Contact us today with your questions. Remember, when you purchase a marine battery, you'll get a free replacement.

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